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Social Benchers is a specialized NationBuilder internet consulting firm which is actually a part of Coreway Solution, India. Coreway Solution provides internet technology solutions around the globe.

SB - Social Benchers comprises services for progressive non-profits, unions and democratic campaigns, and NationBuilder certified partners. We are a nimble team of experienced NationBuilder experts and strategists with real world experience helping you to make a bridge platform to activate the people power for your helping cause. We can help you in all phases of your campaign or fundraising. We can be your one-stop solution to help from strategy to deployment and digital marketing too, and obviously at an affordable rate.

Let’s engage together to make your campaign a success!
We never compromise our core values.

Karma: We follow the concept of Karma which means action or deed. If you do things the right way in your life, you will get good fruits.

Commitment: We always stick to our commitment. We make best efforts to fulfill our commitment within given deadlines. For us, our commitment is our principle.

Integrity: In all aspects of our business, we emphasize integrity that results in a firm trusted by our customers, professionals, and business associates.

Satisfaction: As we are giving 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are committed to offer our clients the excellent quality product and services that can satisfy their requirement.






Why NationBuilder


Dynamic profiles

Effortlessly capture people's contact information, automatically match email addresses to Facebook and Twitter, and find your most influential supporters with Klout.



Use tags, lists and filters to track information about your supporters and send communications based on who they are.


Social matching

Automatically link the emails in your database to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Klout profiles.



Set goals for fundraising, donors, tweets, petition signatures, signups, volunteers, followers, endorsements, event RSVPs, survey responses, suggestions and more.



Your website on your custom domain, complete with responsive design and hundreds of styles. Fully customizable with HTML, JavaScript, Liquid and CSS. Use your own editor with Theme Sync for Mac.



With responsive design and mobile-optimized themes, your website looks good on any device without the need for additional customization.


Referral tracking

Every action taken can be tracked back to the original recruiter, and leader boards help recognize top performers.



Coordinate events including all volunteering, ticketing, and fundraising activities. Supporters can host their own events and list them on your website. RSVPs sync to Facebook to maximize social sharing.


Text keywords

Set up text keywords to allow people to take action in the moment by signing a petition, RSVPing for an event, or signing up to volunteer via text.


Social media

Manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts in one place and integrate with LinkedIn, Meetup and Klout.


Virtual phone numbers

Incoming calls and voicemails are automatically logged in your database for quick response times.


Schedule anything

Any type of communication can be schedule for publishing including blog posts, email blasts, text blasts, Facebook posts, and tweets.


Secure donations

Customization secure donation pages. No merchant account required.



Set goals and ask supporters to help raise money for projects.


Fully integrated

Fully integrated with your people database. All donation activity is tracked.


Customer invoices

Create customer invoices payable directly through your website. Apply discounts to any invoice and assign credit to point people for generating revenue.

Why us



As a full-service provider for NationBuilder solutions, you will receive everything – from consulting right up to the design, technical implementation and follow-up of your project.



Our team is comprised of almost 12 experienced NationBuilder specialists in various areas like consulting, design, development, Digital Marketing who complements each other perfectly during the project implementation.



Over the 5 years we have gained lots of experience with different web technologies, and specialized experience of more than 3 year with NationBuilder make us unique in all way to choose us for your campaign solution.



Right from the first minute you will engaged to our team, you will get updated on the progress of your project automatically by using our PMB tool. You can follow the work of our developers live and intervene directly in the case of need.



Our efforts are always to try to fit with client budget, this is not because we need work, this is because we need client who will give long term repeat business rather than trying to earn from a single project.


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