Transforming Renovation Alliance Party's Digital Presence



The Democratic Reform Alliance Party in Australia stands as a beacon for those disheartened by the state of political representation and the apparent disconnect between political institutions and everyday Australians. Their aspiration was to establish a robust online presence, complete with essential engagement features like feedback mechanisms, avenues for volunteer recruitment, donation capabilities, a voting pledge, surveys, memberships, and a specialized tool for electorate-based interactions.



The task at hand was formidable - to conceptualize, develop, and deploy a comprehensive online platform replete with all the necessary features for effective engagement. This endeavor had to be accomplished within a constrained timeframe of just 5 weeks.



Social Benchers embarked on the project with a strategic approach, assisting the Democratic Reform Alliance Party in the selection of a technology stack that aligned perfectly with their vision. This astute decision not only expedited the development process but also ensured the seamless integration of all requisite features. The team worked tirelessly, displaying a remarkable commitment to meeting the client's specified timeline.



The results spoke volumes. Social Benchers not only met the challenging deadline but outperformed expectations by delivering the website a week ahead of schedule. The platform witnessed an impressive surge of activity, with over 200 individuals signing up as volunteers in just 3 weeks. Additionally, campaign donations exceeded $10,000 within the first month, a testament to the effectiveness of the newly implemented tools.


Client's words

"Reaching this level of success wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable assistance of your dedicated team. What truly sets you apart is your unwavering commitment to advocating for your clients, actively seeking ways to minimize costs. Such dedication is a rare find in today's business landscape."