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Socialbenchers is Technology Solution Provider that Empower
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Technologies For Change

Run my non-profit organization

Run your non-profit organizations through our cutting edge technology solution which we made affordable for you. Through our non profit websites service, develop your nonprofit organizations like never before.

Create My Winning Campaign

Create effective political campaigns accompanied by our political website development service, Be a Politician 2.0 and reach everywhere with a single click.

Increase My Donation

Increase your donation by creating fundraising platform with our smooth and easy to operate tools like campaign website builder and our award winning services.

Boost My Petition

We are helping people to create big impact through online petition campaign tools where you can manage all applications to stay connected in real time with your audience.

Move My Live Community

Easily organize your audience and transform them into an active live community. Let them interact, let them learn from leaders through our social media website builder.

Matters of Leaders

for the Leaders who Matter

To drive change in world, leaders of all community, group, city, country needs to upgrade themselves with technology. So to inspire such leaders, we have created this knowledge series where we will publish interviews, stories, blogs of leaders who successfully impact society through technological/social platform. So leaders get inspired from other leaders!

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Campaigning Re-imagined

Embrace a new way of campaigning. The smarter way, The better way, Manage your Websites + CRMs + Emails + Social + SMS + Volunteers + Donations + Events + Analytics and much more, from a single interactive dashboard, all in real time!

Complete control of your campaign.
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We call it simplified winning, personalized for YOU !

How we helped amandla.mobi to create petition portal - A democracy building too.

Amandla.mobi  is advocacy organization from Africa who works to empower communities to raise awareness with the goal "Turn every cellphone into a democracy building tool so that no matter where you live; what language you speak or what issue you care about, you can take action with others". Social benchers helped them to provide technology architecture to make this happened as well as helped them to be selected for Facebook Free Basic program.

We couldn't reach this level without the help of your team. The specific thing I found about you is - you take a stand for your client to reduce their cost. It is rare