- Turning every Cell Phone into a Democracy Building Tool


Background - A non-profit community advocacy organisation that works to empower communities to raise awareness and enact change on the issues that matter most to them.

Their stated goal is to “turn every cellphone into a democracy building tool so that no matter where you live; what language you speak or what issue you care about, you can take action with others”. And their primary weapon of choice is Petitions and awareness campaigns.



As a growing advocacy platform from Africa, their old site was not so stable to provide great user experience and they were losing user engagements for their campaigns. Also Africa is country of several languages, so they wanted to create campaigns in multiple languages.

The biggest problem they were facing is site performance for mobile. Because as per their mission statement, they wanted to work the site super fast even in feature phone at normal GPRS internet in Africa.

Making site more easy to share campaigns in social media was also another concern for them.



After several discussion with client, we propose them to redesign their website with light design elements and with NationBuilder platform. To make this more light weight, we followed wireframe to visual approach, we define placement of every elements in desktop and mobile through wireframes.

Also we were very concerned about the performance of website, so we load only parts which are necessary with respect to the device to reduce unnecessary requests to server. As well as we perform standard optimization process to optimize every pages.

For the multilingual part, we have create all the templates in a way that it should be easy to replicate the same template to other languages with NationBuilder, so that their non-technical staff can manage them easily.

We specifically tested whole website with feature phones at certain down level speed of internet to make sure we fulfill their mission statement.



  • 80% Improved performance in mobile
  • 2X User engagements with new layout.
  • Reduced back office work for multi lingual.
  • Selected for Facebook Free Basic Program, this is one of those 1000 sites which are selected by Facebook to work offline

Client's words

Client was so excited after getting selected new website to Facebook free basic program. We have organized live interview with their CEO as a part our "Matters of Leaders for leaders who matters" series