How to manage the NationBuilder Control Panel from mobile?

January 03, 2019

How to manage the NationBuilder Control Panel from mobile?

NationBuilder is software which offers the technology as well as the community infrastructure leading people to greatness. It is considered as“leadership software”, the reason being it collaborates features of WordPress, MailChimp, and PayPal. It is a cross platform between the content management system and the customer relationship management package. It contributes to the marketing efforts of the organizations which are associated with political and non-profit campaigns.

NationBuilder helps in creating action-focused websites. It can help to fundraise and process donations in less time. It sends target emails with deep insights of social media. It visualizes the paths to become supporters and advocates of the community, thereby, helping the whole nation.

HandyNation is mobile app which works as an integration of third party with NationBuilder software. With this, it intends to manage the NationBuilder control panel from mobile. It is a perfect solution for solving the problems of all the customers. Overall, it manages the functionality of nation using mobiles from anywhere and at any point of time.


Today, NationBuilder emerges as the best software for political and non-profit website development. It manages the website through HandyNation app. Using this software, the whole community is able to achieve the goals and targets faster as compared to a single individual. The NationBuilder software helps to tackle all the website content, communication via e-mails, social insights, and managing people all at once. The data is imported from different apps so that the software can work seamlessly. This helps the system to grow efficiently.

The NationBuilder software helps the political parties to win elections and, also, run various non-profit organizations. It also helps the individuals to run money for a good cause. Along with this, the software helps in advocating and leading the community, which in turn leading the nation. Today, along with politics and non-profit organizations, the NationBuilder software is used to serve various constituents, promising the growth of overall community business.

The NationBuilder software helps putting people in the limelight. It does this by creating dynamic profiles, social matching and targeting. For creating dynamic profiles, the software works seamlessly to capture the information along with the photo of the team and connects the information with various social interactions. Then, in social matching, it links the dynamic profiles with different social media websites and sends emails to the email addresses stored in the database, so as to mobilize the influencers. The third step is targeting where the software tags and lists the information about the supporters and helps to make personalized communications with them.

With the NationBuilder software, a developer can build interactive and responsive sites, which fully target on action. The developer can add various built-in action pages which can have customizable themes with a network of great architects. The action pages may help to create events and campaigns for fundraising or just for promoting. With these, signup pages can be created in no time and automatically sync all the entered information into a database without any sort of coding.

Managing NationBuilder software

The first step while operating NationBuilder software is defining a “broadcaster”. This can be helpful for sending emails in bulk and posting on social media. After this, the second step is to select the free add-ons depending on the type of the organization for which the software is being used. The third step is to choose a preset theme along with color set as well as outline of the frame. This is important because it will reflect the overall style. If the developer is proficient in HTML coding, then he/she can customize the themes as well.

After all the styling is done, the need arises of a good blog post. An initial post for the blog is easy as well as can be prepared quickly. The software helps in guiding the blogger by providing certain tips to create a good traffic. Also, with the helps of these easy tips, it becomes easy for the developer to link various pages. The need is to have a good knowledge of content management system so that it is easy to understand how to mix-and-match various pages with modules, though there are various videos which guide by giving step-by-step instructions.

The next thing comes is that of customizing the contacts. This step is important because it defines the relationships that the database will have. With the software, the user gets seven different pre-defined contact types, namely, volunteer recruitment, fundraising appeal, invite, and others. These are present in the Settings section of the software. Further, the software enables the user to nest various contact types so that it is easy to identify various individual members.

HandyNation is an asset to the NationBuilder software. The HandyNation app is user-friendly and SSL secured which helps in providing best support to the users. Many people dealing with the NationBuilder software experience control panel interface problems. Thus, the HandyNation app comes in use as it solves the control panel problems by providing a user-friendly interface. This provides the user a great experience. With its feature of SSL secured, the HandyNation app can perform encryption and decryption techniques to secure all the information coming from different apps and websites. Also, with HandyNation app, any other installation of apps is not needed. This means that there are no dependencies as such. All this helps to provide a great support to the customers and contribute to the joint success of HandyNation and NationBuilder.

Canvassing app

This handy app comes with most advanced canvassing app to help supporters on field. This is 100% NationBuilder integrated canvassing app that seamlessly synchronize with NationBuilder. This app can help supporters on their Door to Door Canvassing campaign to record their interaction with users. 

It has most flexible pricing model that works for all size of organizations.


NationBuilder along with HandyNation has turned it easy for the politics as well as non-profit organizations to promote and create great number of supporters and influencers. They take the help of social media which further helps in creating awareness among the people about various fundraising causes and volunteer recruitment going on in the society. Along with this, they have also contributed greatly to the growth of community businesses. They have made things easier because the expenditure that was done on promotions through various mediums is reduced relatively because the NationBuilder software and HandyNation app have brought all the mediums of promotions under one place and at one click, they are ready to work for the user. They have excellent customizable options. With their integration feature, the control panel problems which use to arise in the past are being solved at a faster rate. They are giving a baseline to all the components of websites and helping the organization to become a brand of its own.

With their special feature of focusing only on political and non-profit organizations, they are contributing to the leadership skills of the society. This in turn is helping to build a nation as developed as much possible. Recently, with the help of this integration, two major election campaigns saw a great success. The one was of Donald Trump and the other was the Brexit campaign. They were supported by the services provided by the NationBuilder software and made easy with HandyNation app. Because of this, they are considered as a great combo of leadership because they integrate various features of different yet related apps. It can be said that today everyone in politics, specifically, exist because of the luring features and capabilities of the NationBuilder software.

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