How politicians can maximize Communicational leadership

May 04, 2018

How politicians can maximize Communicational leadership

Communicate personally with all your voters from diverse platforms all in one place to make them feel heard, be a 2.0 leader. Leadership in the present has to do with the ability of the politician to be everywhere, to project an adequate image of himself before his audience and to reach all with clear and forceful messages.

In this way, social networks provide the opportunity to project the leadership of a politician, through the dissemination of information that allows them to interact with everyone at all times. For these reasons, this strategy requires the effective use of all social networking options to have the mastery of national public opinion.

Because of this, there are actions with which the leadership of a politician 2.0 is strengthened and becomes a powerful image that will identify the electorate and even surprise the contenders of the election campaign:


Taking selfies, not to be participants in a trend, but to show closeness to their community of voters. This can be very useful when it comes to generating content for social networks. Try to take the selfies yourself this will take up to 5 minutes, but it will be worth it. The task of choosing where to publish and edit it, if necessary, will be the responsibility of your team. People identify with these types of images.

Talk about public life:

Everyday things happen and news is produced about the city, locality or community to which you belong. Part of the strategy is to think about it, not generating controversy or criticizing its detractors or competition, but offering solutions to problems, but also demonstrating knowledge of all issues sensitive to the citizen.

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Humanize your social networks:

One of the biggest problems that social networks have of politicians is that they become very mechanical, they simply become a space to promote the events or proposals of a certain candidate and do not fulfill their real function that is Build a community.

For this part of the strategy includes a photo smiling or integrating with citizens, to a famous phrase that the candidate says in an event or meeting, can show that "human" side so loved by voters. Each of the publications in social networks must generate a feeling and identification, ideological as well as personal, from the experiences and knowledge that are reflected there.

Laugh at yourself:

Today's leadership demands that leaders in social networks accept their weaknesses (not to play with it) and can give hopeful and clear messages about the timing of elections and the few promises you can make.

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Catch the attention:

Generally, we interest our audience when we post images, but we will persuade it even better when we incorporate our emotions, when we tell a story when we identify the issues of public opinion when we talk to the citizen as if we were face to face. The leadership that you must exert in social networks must have transparency, clarity and much interaction.

Power of synthesis:

One of the qualities of being a leader of growing social networks has to do with using social networks with power synthesis, but this is not for fans. We must communicate in a simple way, be as synthetic as possible so as not to bore our audience. Twitter is the best exercise for you.

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Keep it simple:

The average user of social networks is not interested in reading that; otherwise, he wants to feel identified with the candidate, so it is better to use an informal language, it is the key to bring it closer to the citizen, and clear talk fosters the growth of leadership.

Maintain your credibility:

To increase your leadership, you must keep your speech and ideas with which you have made known in social networks, especially if you have already begun the election campaign. In this sense, credibility is something that it costs a lot to win and nothing to lose.

For all this, this strategy concentrates all these previous points, added to the correct use of each one of the social networks available for the development of the election campaign. However, you must remember that all these steps are based on social networks show in real time, everything about you, as a candidate and as a person. Nevertheless, the new leaders of the policy 2.0 must have certain influential qualities, since they should set the tone of the topics that should be discussed in public opinion.

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