People, Politician and Technology: A real life game of throne

April 26, 2018

People, Politician and Technology: A real life game of throne

In this article, you will have the opportunity to know the aspects that people want to see in the perfect politicians for the new era.

Research indicates that there are certain qualities that citizens consider most important for half a century coincide in the following profile: honesty, competence, integrity, leadership and energy.

Therefore, communicating these qualities means giving demonstrations of character, credibility (based on honesty and experience) and dynamism (perception of the candidate as active and positive). However, one more factor is not mentioned much.

In that sense, the orientation of a new era leader, who stands out from the others and who can lead his people to achieve their goals, is to have a political work infrastructure that allows him to be in real contact with his audience.

Nevertheless, another detail stands out even more and it is the fact that this leader can communicate with others and can be "there" without really "being there".

So, how would a traditional politician to be in the forefront with all these challenges and expectations of society? The answer lies in having as allies the information and communication technology as well as the different technological platforms that allow you to carry your message.

But another important element is that people consider that there are other attitudes to connect with them that are well valued such as closeness, humility, sense of humor, oratory (speaking the language of citizens), emotional intelligence and the ability to thrill and empathize, talent to excite, motivate, know how to listen, et cetera.

That is to say, that a politician must have a preparation without limits to be able to achieve his only objective in this era: to have the credibility of the people. No matter what position you have in the political aspect, you may unconsciously see the politicians as a single group. Quite apart from their differences, politicians have several characteristics in common. Probably that is the reason for the famous saying "all politicians are equal".

But people also think that there are rational and emotional attributes, the candidate is the sum of their professional qualities -which affect their ability to hold a position (Are you ready? Do you have experience? Do you have analytical skills? Is a good manager??) Personal aspects also influence, such as Can I trust him?

Along with these attributes, others are specific to each candidate. A value that sets him apart from the rest of adversaries (self-made man or woman, successful entrepreneur, broad trajectory in social activism) and builds his personal story.

In search of the ideal candidate, we must add several factors. The differences of each election, the bad image that the society of the parties and politicians has, increased by the numerous cases of corruption (political, institutional, financial) or the context created by the entry of new formations that threaten the status quo, are some of the factors that create an equation that is difficult to solve.

In addition, this last point provokes a curious phenomenon: on the one hand, there is satiety towards an "old" way of doing politics and partisan de-ideologization, while, on the other, there is a repoliticization of society.

Therefore, a politician should feel like someone who devotes a part of his life to public service, to solve the problems of a community. Never should a superior be believed whose superb vision must be communicated or imposed on his people.

You must also remember at all times your status as a server, not agent. You can only govern the citizenship, serving it. For this, it requires a very special infrastructure, which can be provided by companies specialized in political advice.

He (or she) is also a promoter of teams and organizations, since the politician must recognize that the diversity of current problems requires complex solutions that mobilize all citizens, articulating actions with numerous and plural groups, diverse institutions and all existing social resources.

A technological platform is very important to be like another of the characteristics that people mention (balanced and even-tempered), even in the options within their party, understanding politics as a horse: dangerous at its extremes and uncomfortable at the center.

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A perfect politician knows that his function is very subtle, but omnipresent, it is like the teacher who wakes up or the parent who prudently watches over his family. It must be realistic, that is, an optimist with experience.

Another aspect that has stood out in the opinion of the people has been that a politician of new generation must dedicate himself to politics in a limited way in his life. I wish we recognized the previous profession in our politicians, distinguishing the doctor, the professor, the economist before entering politics, with a dedication to which they will return after their years of political service.

It should not be someone too young, or someone who has always lived in politics and in that environment. You must have a return to your previous life. The policy can only be understood as the continuation of the service provided from a career by other means of greater social scope.

Being sincere and coherent is another of those qualities demanded by today's audiences. The art of serving others by solving public problems can only be exercised without ever lying to the electorate, although the truth cannot always be told. A politician, unlike what is abundant, is just the opposite, that is, there are politicians who adopt the physical aspect of their interlocutors.

A politician is never sufficiently sober, because moderation, frugality, good sense must surface daily, in each act, in each statement. A perfect politician is a model sportsman of fair play, who knows how to lose and knows how to win (often, the most difficult thing to manage).

The perfect politician must be a humility lover, since this aspect is one of the greatest generators of credibility in the audience.

With the mentality of a bridge and not a wall, without fear of peace, that does not need enemies, that as a political leader he thinks of the next generation, and not of the immediate electoral appointment.

For all this, certain skills and technical advice are required to encourage that leader to go beyond what was thought and cross-unimaginable barriers.

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Finally, the association of all aspects with the approach of this to information and communication technologies to interact in real time with your audience is the only way to achieve the objectives.

In the next article we will see how to carry out this procedure or transition to be a politician who is on the streets and who is everywhere in the world, a 2.0 politician.

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