Unique and proven Fundraising Ideas and activities for Non-profit Organizations (NPOs)

July 31, 2018

Unique and proven Fundraising Ideas and activities for Non-profit Organizations (NPOs)

There are many groups trying to make a difference in the world and so they are taking a decision to start a nonprofit organization. But starting a nonprofit is difficult because of many missteps possible at any point. The process of starting nonprofit organization requires a fair amount of savvy and know-know. Since there are numerous Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) involved in fundraising activities for good cause it becomes tough for people to donate without authenticity. So, funds stop coming to NPOs. Here are some novel fundraising ideas through which you can raise more funds and prove your work is genuine. Also, it will remove the monotony of fundraising ways.

Unique and proven Fundraising Ideas and activities for a Non-profit organization:

Accept fund instead of a birthday gift

Doing something unique on the birthday of a child is a great contribution to humanity. It can change the world not only of a child but many underprivileged children. An NPO can encourage donors to contribute to its funds instead of gifts. Though giving a cake of other some luxury gifts to a child seems extraordinary, a pencil, pen or stationery can be a bigger contribution. Most of the underprivileged children are cannot afford even basic need items. So, giving funds to NPOs can help them manage the fund for the betterment of child in so many other ways that you might not have imagined. So, consider giving funds instead of birthday gifts. It may also happen that a child wants to have something else on his or her birthday and your gift could not add meaning to his dreams. So, NPOs should accept fund not birthday gifts from the donors.

Organise Charity Events

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You can organise some charity events targeting your donors. For example, you can arrange for a music concert, a charity run or even a sports competition. Then, invite your supporters to be part of your event. Let them raise the money for your cause. You can give those coupons, entry tickets, sell edibles and add some music to your organisation. It will raise more awareness about your NPO among the people.

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Utilize Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is emerging rapidly as means of raising the attention of people. It is the more powerful medium of mass-awareness in comparison to several other traditional ways. Also, it can reach to the people 24*7 hours once posted online. So, NPOs can raise more funds by digitalising their fundraising campaigns. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are great for digital media marketing.

Many social media platforms like Facebook now give options of "Donate Now" buttons to NGOs website pages.

Also, NPOs can put their campaigns on other platforms as advertisements on related websites of hospitals or other such entities engaged in humanitarian work.

You can give your online coupons, and ask people for crowd-sourcing.

Non-profit Website Development

With more Internet, revolution websites are emerging as great ways to give information to the people about your activities. You can also give a clue of your previous work and records through photographs and videos. If a Non-Profit Organisation has its own website it can also consider reaching social media platforms which are great means to reach people. Also, the website has so many elements to appear in the search of people who want to do charity work and search for nearby NPOs to donate.

So, you can consider having a website detailing your work. It can also give donors simple click-away options to donate and you will no longer have to appeal. For that, you can hire nonprofit website Development Company who can design and develop a stunning donor-friendly nonprofit website that make your mission apparent.

Raising Institutional Funds

Different countries of the world have different laws regulating the accumulation of wealth. So, people donate their money to NPOs or NGOs as a charity work to avoid black money. In countries like India, there is also Corporate Social Responsibility where companies and corporation are regulated to donate their 2% of the profit to the social cause.

NPOs can consider these options. You can reach such institutions that are constantly looking to involve in activities that are meaningful as well as noble. Also, profiteering corporations are always open to the idea of partnering with nonprofits for a social cause.

Government & Foreign Grants

It is quite obvious that no government can look into the corners of the country for the suffering of the underprivileged. So, governments support and partner with Non-profit organizations for doing their bit. Governments give support to such organisations through subsidies, tax exemption, and many more ways. NPOs can look to such governmental assistance.

Another great way to get funds for your cause is to get foreign grants. Many corporate personalities and billionaires in developed countries are always inclined to the social upliftment in the developing or under-developing countries. So, they contribute and partner with the Non-profit organisations and donate the money they want to give for improving the lives in these areas.

Place Donation Box for Fundraising in Public

Yet another fundraising idea is to place a donation box at public places. You can place it at temples, hospitals, railways stations and other such places which are regular for the people. These are also the places which attract most of the crowd.

A donation box is an easy tool to collect small fractions of the fund which accumulates to huge sums as even poor drop some coins to the box.

It is also a way to reach the masses with the cause you are following. You can make the people more aware of your campaigns. So, you can also spread your name and it will reach to more people. It will give you more donors in long term.

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Fundraising by Products-Selling

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Fairs and festivals never end in any country. You can sell your products at such events which match your theme and cause you are working for. There are several ways for product selling. You can organise special handicrafts programs, to sell the handmade items. It will also help poor artisans to give a livelihood and earn a profit for your organisation. Selling handicrafts empower the communities to earn a respectable income too. It can be sold to the donors or your supporters visiting your emporiums and public as well.

Other items that can be sold are all FMCG goods which are a daily requirement for people and it will certainly get buyers.  Some of these items could be the candle, floral arrangements, snacks, clothes, and decorative items. You can also choose door-to-door selling.

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