Listen to Voters: Case Study of Donald Trump

September 07, 2018

Listen to Voters: Case Study of Donald Trump

Image Source: Politico

In political race, no matters at what level of race you are running; the core campaigns fundamentals are win the election. For that it is essential to have a theory of how to win the election. With the acquaintance of that, every campaign start with the question, “what will be the effective strategies to win the election?” The determination of political campaign is also depending upon the nature of the election. From all political campaign, the most important strategy is to know what people think. In addition, listen to the voters and respond them as a part of winning political campaign strategy is also mandatory to draw their attention and link with your voters by the usage of the tools that work best for that.

If there has been a person who used Listen to the Voters method recently, he has been the President-elect of the United States of America. It must be said then, that his campaign command, did not know Kosinski's method until they applied it for the development of his election campaign.

The accuracy with which the American population was being tackled by Trump's digital troops at that time was unclear - because they attacked less on traditional television, and more with personalized messages on social networks or digital television.

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The effects were radical, since July 2016, Trump's door-to-door "corridors" had a mobile application where they could identify the political ideas of the dwellers. The same app was used during the Brexit. Trump people just hit the doors of people the app considered receptive to their messages.

They were prepared with scripts for personalized conversations depending on the type of person. In addition, they filled people's reactions to the application itself - and the application came directly to the control panel of the Trump campaign.

The study shows that the effectiveness of the method of personalized advertising by profile can achieve 63 percent more clicks and 400 percent more conversion in advertising campaigns in Facebook aimed at people based on their specific characteristics.

They also show the scalability of this method, showing how most of the Facebook pages that promote products or brands are very marked by the personality of its members, and that a large part of consumers can be well categorized based on their reaction to a single page of Facebook.

For all this, the importance of listening and registering on the part of the candidate gives him innovation and planning when it comes to doing politics. However, this method has to be attached as previously said to the conceptual basis of the political message and the electoral proposal to be carried out during the election.

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This type of actions guarantee the existence of 2.0 politicians today and in the same way, they are the gateway to the empowerment of people when they actively support the candidate, as they will have all the necessary prior information to make a convincing and accurate approach to the development of the campaign.

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